KOODING Influencer Program

Q. How much store credit do I get?

The minimum amount we provide is $50 but we decide the credit amount based on the size of your audience, which channel and type of content you are to create with our product. In general, we offer more credit for YouTube and long-form videos.

Q. How can I update my kooding.com ID?

Note that It should be your full email address!

Q. How long does it take for me to get the products I ordered?

You can find KOODING shipping policy here. For our influencer partners, the shipping may take more than average customers.

Sometimes, you may see products out of stock and in this case, we hold the shipping to make sure you get all the products you chose in one package. Average users may get the products separately.

Q. Where can I find my KOODING credit and how I can use it?

When you are checking out, you will see your credit as deduction to your order as shown in the image below. Regardless of the amount, you'll get free shipping!

Image alt
Image alt

Q. What are the requirements for the social posting?


- Mention @KOODING in the caption

- Photo tag @KOODING


- share your promo code & product link (See tutorials for details)


- Product Link and your promo code in description(See tutorials for detail)



- Mention @KOODING and use #KOODING and share your promo code in the comment


👉 [optional] If you want to be featured by Musetown, feel free to tag us @musetownsocial on your posting!

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When you click the "Product Link", you will see the list of products you purchased(image below) so you can share the entire list in one page.

*You must use this Product Link when you share on social media even if you share individual product link. You can create individual link(here's how you can do it) for each product and share along with the Product Link, if you want

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