Musetown Influencer Partner Program

Partnership starts with getting to know about the brand by actually working with them. Get a free product and start creating content for brands. Then, we'll help you prove your value to unlock bigger opportunities!

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How it works?

Get started with gifting campaigns that you are interested in. Your first engagement with us will open up a new opportunity to enjoy cool new product and start to earn!

Our awesome features
Join a gifting campaign to get free products

Your creative journey should not be a one-time thing! Start small and win big! Get some cool products for free to start engaging with brands.

Our awesome features
Create content to unlock new opportunities

Do what you love doing, creating content! We'll help you prove your value. Then, brands will come to you with different types of opportunities, such as getting the new product before anyone else, exclusive discount for you and your fans, and paid collaborations.

Our awesome features
We'll bring brands you like to you

With your proven value, now you have a higher chance to work with brands you love. Let us know which brands you want to work with. We, as a community, can make opportunities for you to work with brands you love.

Our awesome features
Take full control and grow

Using our tools that help you understand your value when working with brands, you will now be in full control of your journey to grow.

Ready to grow with us?

Get free products and start creating content for our brand to unlock bigger opportunities!