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The most fun and rewarding brand collaboration experience

We create collaborative partnerships that allow creators to grow their brand and maximize the ROI on their content.


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Why Musetown?

We understand how difficult and time-consuming it can be to find the right brand and negotiate terms of the collaboration. We make it easy, risk-free, and fun to partner with brands.

Partner with the best brands

We know how important it is to partner with brands that fit your audience, and are extremely selective when bringing brand partners to you.

Earn with every collaboration

Earn MUSE coins every time you participate in a brand collaboration, and turn them into real cash.

Save time and energy

Coordinating with brands can be very time consuming and stressful. We manage all of the details to that you can focus on creating content.


Are you an Amazon affiliate?

If you are an Amazon affiliate, you will need additional incentive for your fans to purchase through your affiliate link. Yes, we'll help you get the promo code from your favorite brands, which will help you boost sales from the program

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Need upfront or additional revenue?

Affiliate revenue takes time. You need a way to help you build your business through additional revenue stream and you need this even after affiliate revenue starts to come in. We help you earn through MUSE Coin!

What is MUSE COIN?

One-off collabs will never pay off. Musetown help you earn MUSE Coin through collaborations

Participate and earn

You can earn MUSE Coin through various activities on Musetown. From updating your profile to collabs, and many more fun activities we do with creators!

Cash out

You can turn MUSE Coins into real cash when your balance is higher than 🅜5,000 ($50 USD)

Prove and grow

You make more not just by creating more content. You can level up your rate as you participate more and add more to the community.

How you can earn MUSE COIN

Help us understand you better

The more you share data about your social channel with us(not your personal information in any way), the more opportunities you will have and earn more!

Join a collaboration and start earning

Participate in a collaboration with our brands and create content. We'll help you prove your real value and earn! Each campaign offer different MUSE COIN. Earn MUSE COIN and turn them into real cash!

Unlock bigger opportunities with more collabs

While you are having fun enjoying new products and creating content, we'll be working hard to prove your fair value. Your actual collaboration history will help you get more high-reward opportunities.

Brands love us

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