[sample value prop] We make influencer marketing easier for you to manage and scale, by finding the right influencers for your brand, managing the relationship, and providing actionable insights.

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Turn your influencers into your brand advocates.

With aligned interests and compensation, your influencers will be your grass-roots marketers. Unlock the power of influencer marketing today.

Automated Influencer Outreach

Why waste time chasing wrong influencers? Our proprietary recommendation engine will create a custom list of influencers for you to target. Then we'll reach out to them for you, so you can focus on ones who are ready to work with you.

Our awesome features

Transparent Collaboration

We make working with influencers transparent and easy. Understand what to expect from the beginning, so you are in control of the entire collaboration process.

Actionable Insights

Influencers and their content are a great asset for your marketing. Unlock the full potential of influencers marketing by running promo events with influencers or ads with content with high engagement for increased ROI. [we need to change this message so that it highlights what kind of analytics we provide]

Our awesome features

Why Musetown is Different

We customize our approach for every client.. [insert line on why we're different]

We get to know your needs first

We don't just let you figure out what may work for you. We dig deep into your needs and goals and recommend the right influencers for you!

We make data-driven decisions

We help you make informative decisions based on data and insights related to your goals.

We make it work

We keep repeating the process until you find and activate the right influencers for your brand. We never stop until we get it right!

Our Services

We offer a variety of services to meet you where you are.

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